WebGenie FAQ

What are the main features of the new Webgenie app?
The New Webgenie app has all the features of the existing app like circulars, assignments, almanac etc plus add ons like push notifications, event reminders, improved user experience amongst many.

How do I download the New Webgenie App?
To download Webgenie open play store on your mobile and type ‘Webgenie’ into the search box. Click on Webgenie from searched list and click on Install.

Can I install the app on more than one device?
Yes, you can download webgenie on up to 5 devices with same login ID and password.

I have an Apple (iOS) phone, can I still install new Web Genie App?
Yes, we also have app on Apple phone. You can download it from app store.

How do I get to know the user id and password on the app?
Your default user ID is your mobile number and if you are not sure about your password contact with school admin else you can reset your password by using an OTP. Request an OTP, once you get the OTP (on your registered mobile number) enter it into the app and enter new and confirm password.

I am having issues in app, whom should I contact?
You can contact our Webgenie Support Team on 7879 360 360. If you have an issue regarding your profile data then contact with school admin.

My 2 kids are studying at Euro school, can I see the details in a single login?
Yes, with New Webgenie app you can see data of all your students in a single login.